Ai-Thinker NRF24l01+ Wireless Module 2.4 G Wireless Transceiver Communication Module NF-01-S

NF-01-S is a 100mW power 2.4G wireless module with high airspeed (up to 2Mbps), SPI interface. It has the characteristic of high stability, high cost performance, good spectrum test characteristics, small size, and it all uses industrial grade components. It has been mass-produced and has reached millions of shipments and is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

NF-01-S can be widely used in various Internet of Things applications, suitable for wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless remote control, somatosensory equipment, active RFID, NFC, low-power self-organizing network wireless sensor network nodes, etc. It is the ideal solution for IOT applications. The NF-01-S is packaged in DIP-8. It can be quickly connected to existing products, whether it is for learning or mass production. It can be directly inserted and removed without welding. It is very convenient to use.



Additional information

Weight0,045 kg
Dimensions2,2 × 3,2 × 1,5 cm
IoT Applications

Wireless mouse and keyboard